Enjoy qualitative NetEnt slots

Many online casinos prefer working with NetEnt since they have millions of fans over the globe. An important advantage of the Swedish developer is that all its slots are located in the centralized services. These servers are located in Malta, and online casinos around the world serve only as connectors. Thereby, operators do not have access to the settings of slot machines, and cannot do scamming activities. Their websites only deposit and withdraw money, taking a commission. At the same time, online casinos can independently organize bonus programs for players, if this is approved by NetEnt. Thus, the system provides absolutely equal rules and transparent requirements for all casinos and players. All the above makes each NetEnt slot incredibly popular among gamblers.

The history of success

The company started its work in 1996, while only three people worked there. The first six years showed not so much success, and the company provided software for sports betting. In 2002 they launched its platform CasinoModule which simply and cost-effectively worked with existing online casino websites. Thanks to this, the active process of integrating the games was fast. CasinoModule was the first software for online casinos written on the Java platform. Surely, today they work on Flash.